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What is the FargoRate Rating System?

FargoRate uses a simple mathematical approach to accurately measure a pool player’s ability relative to everyone else in the world. Whether you are an elite professional or a beginner in a local league, you can be accurately and fairly rated based on your performance rather than the old outdated methods.

How do I lookup a players rating?

You will need to download the FargoRate app on your favorite iOS or Android device. Both phones and tablets will work. You can click on the links below to take you to the respective app store for your preferred device.

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What is Robustness?

Robustness is a measure of the reliability of a player’s Fargo Rating. For now, it is simply the number of games a player has played that contribute to his or her rating. A robustness of 200 is a minimum standard for us to consider a rating “established.” In general, a rating is more reliable not only by being based on more games but also by more of those games being recent and by more of those games being against opponents with established ratings. Robustness will likely incorporate these latter two factors in the future, and that is why we don’t simply call it number of games. Players with a robustness under 200, i.e., those with an unestablished rating, have an official rating that is influenced by a starter rating.

What if I don’t have a Fargo Rating?

If you do not have a current FARGO rating, you will be assigned one by a League Operator. Unknown players (those who have never played in a league before) will be assigned a starter rating*. Men will be assigned a starter rating of 400, while women will be assigned a starter rating of 300.

For those players that are known, they will be assessed by the League Operator, either by obtaining information from other reputable players opinions, or will directly assess the new players performance by engaging them in play on one or more occasions and comparing their performance to other players in the league to determine a fair starter rating.

For more information about what a Starter Rating is, please see the FAQ on the FargoRate site at https://www.fargorate.com/#faq.

For those players who play in other leagues that do not use the FargoRate system, they will be compared to the chart below to determine a starter rating. Should a player be a member of multiple leagues (IE: APA and MIPPA), the higher of the handicaps will be used to determine the FargoRate starter rating unless there are extenuating circumstances such as having a rating in one, but not having played in that league for an extended period of time.

NOTE: Exact starter rating will be determined by the league operator, and the chart below is only for reference.

Description APA BCA (old) NAPA MIPPA ABCD Rank Fargo
Touring Pro 7 10 141+ 13 Pro/AA >750
Semi Pro 7 9 125-140 12 A 650-749
Expert 7 9 110-124 11 BB-BB+ 600-649
Upper Advanced 6 8 100-109 10 B+ 550-599
Lower Advanced 6 8 90-99 9 B 500-549
Upper Intermediate 5 7 80-89 8 C+ 450-499
Mid Intermediate 5 7 70-79 7 C 400-449
Lower Intermediate 4 6 60-69 6 D 350-399
Upper Novice 4 5 50-59 5* C* 325-349
Mid Novice 3 4 40-49 4* C* 300-324
Lower Novice 3 3 30-39 4* C* 200-299
Absolute Beginner 2 2 0-29 4* C* 0-200

* – Only Women are eligible for these rankings in the MIPPA/Michigan ABCD Rankings. Men are not eligible.

What if I disagree with my rating, or the rating of another player?

A formal form can be submitted and a handicap review will be completed. We will not and can not guarantee you will be satisfied with the result. We are limited in the input of player’s rankings especially if the player has a substantial robustness.

What matches are calculated in a players Fargo Rating?

Fargo ratings are based on the results of 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball games played on either 9-foot or 7-foot tables. Matches played in league as well as many tournaments go into a player’s Fargo rating.

How will races be calculated?

For Match-Play Teams, Scotch Doubles and Singles we will use a version of the chart depicted below. An online race calculator is coming very soon.

To calculate your race, take the skill level of the higher level player, and subtract the skill level of the lower level player. Take that number and locate the bracket below that the higher level player falls into, and find where that difference is noted. The higher level player will go to the number on the left, and the lower level player will go to the number on the right.

For Example: Player A has a handicap of 475 and Player B has a handicap of 325. The difference between the players is 150. In the bracket of 400-499, a difference of 150 makes the race 5 to 2. Player A will race to 5 games, while Player B will race to 2.


Under 300

Difference Race To:
0-66 2 to 2
67-112 3 to 2
113+ 4 to 2

300 – 399

Difference Race To:
0-67 3 to 3
68-112 3 to 2
113-147 4 to 2
148+ 5 to 2


Difference Race To:
0-45 4 to 4
46-80 4 to 3
81-147 5 to 3
148-175 5 to 2
176+ 6 to 2

Over 500

Difference Race To:
0-34 5 to 5
35-62 5 to 4
63-108 6 to 4
109-131 6 to 3
132-152 7 to 3
153-199 8 to 3
200-219 7 to 2
220+ 8 to 2

More Information:

For more information about FargoRate, please visit the FargoRate.com website. There is a large amount of information about the system, how it works, and how handicaps are calculated.