Monday Singles (Winter 2024)

9FT Tables

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    2024 – NEW/Renewal Annual BCA Membership (Membership will expire 12/31/2024) - $20.00
    Monday Singles (Winter 2024) – Entire Session ($272 Dues + $34 Greens) - $306.00
    Monday Singles (Winter 2024) – 1st Half of Session (9 Wks) ($144 Dues + $18 Greens) - $162.00
    Monday Singles (Winter 2024) – 2nd Half of Session (8 Wks) ($128 Dues + $16 Greens) - $144.00
    Monday Singles WK 1 (Jan-15) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 2 (Jan-22) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 3 (Jan-29) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 4 (Feb-05) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 5 (Feb-12) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 6 (Feb-19) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 7 (Feb-26) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 8 (Mar-04) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 9 (Mar-11) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 10 (Mar-18) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 11 (Mar-25) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 12 (Apr-01) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 13 (Apr-08) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 14 (Apr-15) - $19.00
    Monday Singles WK 15 (Apr-22) - Original price was: $19.00.Current price is: $18.00.
    Monday Singles WK 16 (Apr-29) - Original price was: $19.00.Current price is: $18.00.
    Monday Singles WK 17 (May-06) - Original price was: $19.00.Current price is: $18.00.

8 Ball Standings

Player NamePointsWeeks
David Driza1113
Huu Nguyen1113
Cat Cantu913
Matt Harrison913
Saun Faucett814
Dayton Friend712
Gerald Harris714
Kristopher Stakley712
Thomas Cihacz712
Randal Erickson513
Steve Waldo512
Doug Friend410
Tyler Staskiewicz411
Andy Westmoreland312
Jan Edgerton39
Rebecca Friend310
Tony Robinson39
Greg Rogers112

Laggers Option Standings

Player NamePointsWeeks
David Driza913
Steve Waldo911
Andy Westmoreland810
Huu Nguyen811
Saun Faucett713
Thomas Cihacz711
Tyler Staskiewicz611
Dayton Friend513
Kristopher Stakley510
Randal Erickson512
Cat Cantu413
Doug Friend49
Gerald Harris413
Greg Rogers412
Jan Edgerton46
Matt Harrison49
Rebecca Friend39
Tony Robinson18

Overall Standings

Player NameTotal Points
David Driza20
Huu Nguyen19
Saun Faucett15
Thomas Cihacz14
Steve Waldo14
Cat Cantu13
Matt Harrison13
Kristopher Stakley12
Dayton Friend12
Andy Westmoreland11
Gerald Harris11
Tyler Staskiewicz10
Randal Erickson10
Doug Friend8
Jan Edgerton7
Rebecca Friend6
Greg Rogers5
Tony Robinson4

Weekly Schedule and Scores

Week 1 - January 15, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Kristopher Stakley00Matt Harrison11Anazeh Sands West
Saun Faucett11Greg Rogers00Anazeh Sands West
Rebecca Friend00David Driza11Anazeh Sands West
Jan Edgerton0TBDDayton Friend1TBDAnazeh Sands West
Andy Westmoreland11Cat Cantu00Eastside Billiards
Steve Waldo01Randal Erickson10Anazeh Sands West
Huu Nguyen11Tony Robinson00Eastside Billiards
Tyler Staskiewicz01Gerald Harris10Anazeh Sands West
Doug Friend00Thomas Cihacz11Anazeh Sands West
Week 2 - January 22, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Rebecca Friend00Dayton Friend11Anazeh Sands West
Thomas Cihacz11Greg Rogers00Anazeh Sands West
Tony Robinson10Andy Westmoreland01Anazeh Sands West
Cat Cantu00Randal Erickson11Anazeh Sands West
Matt Harrison01Tyler Staskiewicz10Anazeh Sands West
Huu NguyenTBDTBDJan EdgertonTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Doug Friend0TBDSteve Waldo1TBDAnazeh Sands West
Kristopher Stakley1TBDSaun Faucett0TBDAnazeh Sands West
David Driza11Gerald Harris00Eastside Billiards
Week 3 - January 29, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Greg Rogers00Matt Harrison11Anazeh Sands West
Jan Edgerton01David Driza10Anazeh Sands West
Steve Waldo01Cat Cantu10Anazeh Sands West
Andy Westmoreland01Huu Nguyen10Eastside Billiards
Gerald Harris00Kristopher Stakley11Eastside Billiards
Dayton Friend00Tony Robinson11Anazeh Sands West
Saun Faucett11Doug Friend00Anazeh Sands West
Tyler Staskiewicz01Rebecca Friend10Anazeh Sands West
Randal Erickson00Thomas Cihacz11Anazeh Sands West
Week 4 - February 5, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Tony Robinson00Saun Faucett11Anazeh Sands West
Tyler Staskiewicz10Randal Erickson01Anazeh Sands West
Matt Harrison1TBDJan Edgerton0TBDAnazeh Sands West
Doug Friend01Kristopher Stakley10Anazeh Sands West
Greg Rogers01Andy Westmoreland10Anazeh Sands West
Thomas Cihacz00Huu Nguyen11Anazeh Sands West
Dayton Friend10Steve Waldo01Anazeh Sands West
Cat Cantu10David Driza01Anazeh Sands West
Rebecca Friend01Gerald Harris10Anazeh Sands West
Week 5 - February 12, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Randal Erickson01Doug Friend10Anazeh Sands West
Andy WestmorelandTBDTBDJan EdgertonTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Kristopher Stakley10Steve Waldo01Anazeh Sands West
Dayton FriendTBD1Matt HarrisonTBD0Anazeh Sands West
Greg Rogers01Cat Cantu10Anazeh Sands West
Tony RobinsonTBDTBDRebecca FriendTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Tyler Staskiewicz00Thomas Cihacz11Anazeh Sands West
Huu Nguyen11Gerald Harris00Anazeh Sands West
David Driza11Saun Faucett00Anazeh Sands West
Week 6 - February 19, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Steve Waldo01Greg Rogers10Anazeh Sands West
Saun Faucett11Tyler Staskiewicz00Anazeh Sands West
Randal Erickson1TBDAndy Westmoreland0TBDAnazeh Sands West
David Driza10Matt Harrison01Anazeh Sands West
Huu Nguyen1TBDRebecca Friend0TBDAnazeh Sands West
Gerald Harris00Dayton Friend11Anazeh Sands West
Kristopher Stakley0TBDThomas Cihacz1TBDAnazeh Sands West
Jan Edgerton11Tony Robinson00Anazeh Sands West
Cat Cantu00Doug Friend11Anazeh Sands West
Week 7 - February 26, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Dayton Friend10Andy Westmoreland01Anazeh Sands West
Doug Friend00Gerald Harris11Anazeh Sands West
Matt Harrison10Randal Erickson01Anazeh Sands West
Jan EdgertonTBDTBDKristopher StakleyTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Tyler StaskiewiczTBDTBDTony RobinsonTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Rebecca Friend11Greg Rogers00Anazeh Sands West
Saun Faucett01Cat Cantu10Anazeh Sands West
David Driza00Huu Nguyen11Anazeh Sands West
Thomas Cihacz00Steve Waldo11Anazeh Sands West
Week 8 - March 4, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Andy Westmoreland0TBDMatt Harrison1TBDAnazeh Sands West
Gerald Harris00Saun Faucett11Anazeh Sands West
Greg Rogers00David Driza11Anazeh Sands West
Randal Erickson00Huu Nguyen11Anazeh Sands West
Steve WaldoTBDTBDJan EdgertonTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Thomas CihaczTBDTBDRebecca FriendTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Kristopher Stakley00Tyler Staskiewicz11Anazeh Sands West
Tony RobinsonTBDTBDCat CantuTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Doug Friend11Dayton Friend00Anazeh Sands West
Week 9 - March 11, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Matt Harrison0TBDHuu Nguyen1TBDAnazeh Sands West
Gerald Harris01Tony Robinson10Anazeh Sands West
Randal Erickson10Greg Rogers01Anazeh Sands West
Thomas Cihacz01David Driza10Anazeh Sands West
Steve WaldoTBDTBDTyler StaskiewiczTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Cat Cantu11Kristopher Stakley00Anazeh Sands West
Saun Faucett00Dayton Friend11Anazeh Sands West
Rebecca FriendTBDTBDJan EdgertonTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Andy WestmorelandTBDTBDDoug FriendTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Week 10 - March 18, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Steve Waldo01Gerald Harris10Anazeh Sands West
Andy Westmoreland01Saun Faucett10Anazeh Sands West
Matt Harrison1TBDThomas Cihacz0TBDAnazeh Sands West
Tony RobinsonTBDTBDDoug FriendTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Tyler StaskiewiczTBDTBDDavid DrizaTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Huu Nguyen11Greg Rogers00Anazeh Sands West
Rebecca Friend01Cat Cantu10Anazeh Sands West
Dayton Friend00Kristopher Stakley11Anazeh Sands West
Jan Edgerton01Randal Erickson10Anazeh Sands West
Week 11 - March 25, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Doug FriendTBDTBDRebecca FriendTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Thomas Cihacz10Andy Westmoreland01Anazeh Sands West
Cat Cantu01Matt Harrison10Anazeh Sands West
Huu Nguyen00Tyler Staskiewicz11Anazeh Sands West
Gerald Harris11Randal Erickson00Anazeh Sands West
Kristopher Stakley11Tony Robinson00Anazeh Sands West
David Driza11Dayton Friend00Anazeh Sands West
Greg Rogers01Jan Edgerton10Anazeh Sands West
Saun Faucett00Steve Waldo11Anazeh Sands West
Week 12 - April 1, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Andy Westmoreland01Steve Waldo10Anazeh Sands West
Cat Cantu10Thomas Cihacz01Anazeh Sands West
Greg Rogers00Gerald Harris11Anazeh Sands West
David Driza11Tony Robinson00Anazeh Sands West
Matt Harrison10Doug Friend01Anazeh Sands West
Randal Erickson00Saun Faucett11Anazeh Sands West
Huu Nguyen11Dayton Friend00Anazeh Sands West
Tyler Staskiewicz01Jan Edgerton10Anazeh Sands West
Rebecca Friend00Kristopher Stakley11Anazeh Sands West
Week 13 - April 8, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Gerald Harris00Cat Cantu11Anazeh Sands West
Dayton Friend10Tyler Staskiewicz01Anazeh Sands West
Steve Waldo11Matt Harrison00Anazeh Sands West
Huu Nguyen10Kristopher Stakley01Anazeh Sands West
Randal Erickson01Rebecca Friend10Anazeh Sands West
David Driza11Andy Westmoreland00Anazeh Sands West
Jan Edgerton01Doug Friend10Anazeh Sands West
Tony RobinsonTBDTBDGreg RogersTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Saun Faucett00Thomas Cihacz11Anazeh Sands West
Week 14 - April 15, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Huu Nguyen01Saun Faucett10Anazeh Sands West
Kristopher StakleyTBDTBDRandal EricksonTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
David Driza11Steve Waldo00Anazeh Sands West
Thomas CihaczTBD0Dayton FriendTBD1Anazeh Sands West
Cat Cantu11Tyler Staskiewicz00Anazeh Sands West
Doug FriendTBDTBDGreg RogersTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Jan Edgerton0TBDGerald Harris1TBDAnazeh Sands West
Rebecca Friend00Andy Westmoreland11Anazeh Sands West
Matt Harrison1TBDTony Robinson0TBDAnazeh Sands West
Week 15 - April 22, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Greg RogersTBDTBDKristopher StakleyTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Huu NguyenTBDTBDSteve WaldoTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Rebecca FriendTBDTBDMatt HarrisonTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Saun FaucettTBDTBDJan EdgertonTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Andy WestmorelandTBDTBDGerald HarrisTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Tony RobinsonTBDTBDThomas CihaczTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
David DrizaTBDTBDRandal EricksonTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Dayton FriendTBDTBDCat CantuTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Tyler StaskiewiczTBDTBDDoug FriendTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Week 16 - April 29, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Saun FaucettTBDTBDRebecca FriendTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Huu NguyenTBDTBDCat CantuTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Randal EricksonTBDTBDDayton FriendTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Jan EdgertonTBDTBDThomas CihaczTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Kristopher StakleyTBDTBDAndy WestmorelandTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Greg RogersTBDTBDTyler StaskiewiczTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Steve WaldoTBDTBDTony RobinsonTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
David DrizaTBDTBDDoug FriendTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Gerald HarrisTBDTBDMatt HarrisonTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Week 17 - May 6, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS LO PTS Away Team 8 PTS LO PTS Play Location
Thomas CihaczTBDTBDGerald HarrisTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Matt HarrisonTBDTBDSaun FaucettTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Cat CantuTBDTBDJan EdgertonTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Dayton FriendTBDTBDGreg RogersTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Rebecca FriendTBDTBDSteve WaldoTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Tony RobinsonTBDTBDRandal EricksonTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Huu NguyenTBDTBDDoug FriendTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Tyler StaskiewiczTBDTBDAndy WestmorelandTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
David DrizaTBDTBDKristopher StakleyTBDTBDAnazeh Sands West
Player Appreciation Party - May 18, 2024

Player Appreciation Party

Sin City Shootout - January 11, 2025

Sin City Tournament

Player Name Win % Weeks BR's WZ's TR's WB's CW's PM's
Nguyen, Huu87.63%132010190
Driza, David78.26%131000200
Stakley, Kristopher68.97%120000110
Cantu, Cat67.82%130000100
Harrison, Matt67.44%12006090
Friend, Dayton49.40%120000120
Harris, Gerald47.31%14000070
Erickson, Randal46.84%13000070
Faucett, Sean44.09%14100050
Friend, Doug43.86%10000060
Waldo, Steve40.74%12000060
Staskiewicz, Tyler40.35%11000040
Cihacz, Thomas40.28%11000040
Westmoreland, Andy36.99%12000060
Rogers, Greg26.39%11000050
Edgerton, Jan10.64%8000020
Friend, Rebecca8.82%10000010
Player Name Win % Weeks BR's WZ's TR's WB's CW's PM's
Wilson, Bradley57.50%6100070
Robinson, Tony25.00%3000030
Player Name Win % Weeks BR's WZ's TR's WB's CW's PM's
Nguyen, Huu77.65%110000180
Driza, David71.11%13000090
Westmoreland, Andy65.00%10000090
Stakley, Kristopher62.69%100000130
Harrison, Matt59.02%91000110
Waldo, Steve58.21%11000050
Staskiewicz, Tyler50.79%11100050
Cantu, Cat50.00%13100040
Erickson, Randal50.00%12100050
Friend, Doug50.00%9000040
Cihacz, Thomas47.83%11000050
Faucett, Sean40.96%13000040
Friend, Dayton39.56%13000050
Player Name Win % Weeks BR's WZ's TR's WB's CW's PM's
Wilson, Bradley50.00%6000090
Edgerton, Jan37.04%6000020