Local Bylaws

What is a Bylaw?

Bylaws are rule changes or additions to the set of national league rules.

Why are there Bylaws?

Every BCAPL league operator has the discretion to implement bylaws as they see fit. We will be using bylaws as a way to maintain the experience that our existing players are accustomed to, or to correct rules that our players have identified as having issues.

What about at Tournaments?

The rule set used at the tournaments will be based on the national rules. Players are responsible with familiarizing them selves with these rules prior to playing in a sanctioned tournament.

Timeout Limit

Players who are engaging in a timeout, have a time limit of 5 minutes to discuss and execute a play. Exceeding this time limit is to be considered a foul, and the incoming shooter will be presented with ball in hand.

Shot Clock

There is normally no shot clock time limit for local league play. If a player is to be considered as delaying the match unnecessarily or in an unsportsmanlike manner, a league director, referee, or representative may institute a 45-Second shot clock.

Playback Rule

Please describe the playback rule here.

Laggers Option – Rackless Night Rule

If the winner of the lag in Lagger’s Option forfeits the break and chooses the format then the opponent can score a bonus point for a Rackless Match if they win the match without racking. A Break foul however would not allow the opponent to maintain a Rackless Match.

Sanctioning Fees

All players’ annual sanction fees must be paid on the first week of play (Prior to even playing one match is recommended). Failure to do so could result in a match forfeit for any team with unsanctioned players.