Wednesday Teams (Rotation) (Fall 2023)

8 Ball Standings

Team NameWeeksPoints
Dirty Old Ball Markers122892
Finding Fargo132684
We're Really Good Tryers122674
Money Shotz132636
Pocket Speed132597
The Crew122531
Got Pickles122512
All Lined Up122478
Noormal People122473
You Hook Me All Night Long132468
Troy's Gone Again112370
Cannon Fodder122234

10-Ball Standings

Team NameWeeksPoints
Finding Fargo12160
Dirty Old Ball Markers11150
Noormal People12150
Money Shotz13149
Pocket Speed12147
Got Pickles11139
We're Really Good Tryers11138
All Lined Up12132
The Crew11132
Cannon Fodder11129
You Hook Me All Night Long12127
Troy's Gone Again10125

Weekly Schedule and Scores

Week 1 - September 6, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
All Lined Up19711Brafety25814Eastside Billiards
Got Pickles25515Pocket Speed22015Eastside Billiards
Noormal People23314Money Shotz20612Eastside Billiards
We're Really Good Tryers27314Dirty Old Ball Markers23216Eastside Billiards
The Crew24013Finding Fargo24417Eastside Billiards
Cannon Fodder23913Whackamole21412Eastside Billiards
BYE00You Hook Me All Night Long00BYE
Troy's Gone AgainTBDTBDOVERRATEDTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Week 2 - September 13, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
Finding Fargo19712We're Really Good Tryers24513Eastside Billiards
Brafety1417Cannon Fodder7513Eastside Billiards
Money Shotz20815The Crew24010Eastside Billiards
You Hook Me All Night Long20314Got Pickles25711Eastside Billiards
Pocket Speed2319Noormal People23816Eastside Billiards
Dirty Old Ball Markers28612Troy's Gone Again22418Eastside Billiards
OVERRATED19916All Lined Up26114Anazeh Sands West
Week 3 - September 20, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
Pocket Speed19211We're Really Good Tryers24814Eastside Billiards
Money Shotz23213Troy's Gone Again21412Eastside Billiards
Dirty Old Ball Markers26415All Lined Up23015Eastside Billiards
Cannon Fodder00BYE00BYE
Whackamole1999Noormal People23616Eastside Billiards
Brafety2579Got Pickles16816Eastside Billiards
Finding Fargo21419OVERRATED2366Eastside Billiards
You Hook Me All Night Long25913The Crew24017Eastside Billiards
Week 4 - September 27, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
All Lined Up20717Cannon Fodder2338Eastside Billiards
OVERRATED23120Dirty Old Ball Markers27913Eastside Billiards
Got Pickles21616Whackamole2249Eastside Billiards
The Crew24113Pocket Speed24117Eastside Billiards
We're Really Good Tryers24518Money Shotz2007Eastside Billiards
Noormal People24415You Hook Me All Night Long19610Eastside Billiards
Troy's Gone Again25814Finding Fargo22816Eastside Billiards
Week 5 - October 4, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
All Lined Up00BYE00BYE
We're Really Good Tryers255TBDYou Hook Me All Night Long237TBDEastside Billiards
Got Pickles274TBDCannon Fodder236TBDEastside Billiards
The Crew227TBDWhackamole210TBDEastside Billiards
OVERRATED23215Money Shotz22710Eastside Billiards
Noormal People19910Brafety24615Eastside Billiards
Troy's Gone Again214TBDPocket Speed211TBDEastside Billiards
Dirty Old Ball Markers268TBDFinding Fargo240TBDEastside Billiards
Week 6 - October 11, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
Cannon Fodder23221Noormal People2439Eastside Billiards
Money Shotz23212Dirty Old Ball Markers26918Eastside Billiards
Pocket Speed18411OVERRATED24414Eastside Billiards
Finding Fargo22014All Lined Up22611Eastside Billiards
BYE00Got Pickles00BYE
You Hook Me All Night Long20411Troy's Gone Again22914Eastside Billiards
Whackamole20014We're Really Good Tryers24511Eastside Billiards
Brafety22012The Crew22413Eastside Billiards
Week 7 - October 18, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
All Lined Up2569Got Pickles20816Eastside Billiards
The Crew26115Cannon Fodder19310Eastside Billiards
We're Really Good Tryers2359Brafety21016Eastside Billiards
OVERRATED2389You Hook Me All Night Long23916Eastside Billiards
Troy's Gone Again23515Whackamole19810Eastside Billiards
Dirty Old Ball Markers30517Pocket Speed18617Eastside Billiards
Finding Fargo21114Money Shotz23311Eastside Billiards
Noormal People00BYE00BYE
Week 8 - October 25, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
Whackamole20314OVERRATED25011Eastside Billiards
BYE00The Crew00BYE
Got Pickles19813Noormal People22712Eastside Billiards
You Hook Me All Night Long25911Dirty Old Ball Markers23820Eastside Billiards
Pocket Speed21411Finding Fargo23314Eastside Billiards
Cannon Fodder20212We're Really Good Tryers24013Eastside Billiards
Money Shotz19214All Lined Up23311Eastside Billiards
Brafety25011Troy's Gone Again20214Eastside Billiards
Week 9 - November 1, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
All Lined Up21611Noormal People23414Eastside Billiards
We're Really Good Tryers00BYE00BYE
Finding Fargo23412You Hook Me All Night Long19813Eastside Billiards
OVERRATED24213Brafety24317Eastside Billiards
Troy's Gone Again26415Cannon Fodder19910Eastside Billiards
Money Shotz21012Pocket Speed22013Eastside Billiards
The Crew21811Got Pickles22214Eastside Billiards
Dirty Old Ball Markers22914Whackamole25616Eastside Billiards
Week 10 - November 8, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
Pocket Speed21314All Lined Up21211Eastside Billiards
Got Pickles2518We're Really Good Tryers22622Eastside Billiards
Whackamole24116Finding Fargo1949Eastside Billiards
Noormal People25113The Crew20812Eastside Billiards
You Hook Me All Night Long22815Money Shotz23915Eastside Billiards
Brafety21714Dirty Old Ball Markers24211Eastside Billiards
Cannon Fodder21017OVERRATED23213Eastside Billiards
BYE00Troy's Gone Again00BYE
Week 11 - November 15, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
All Lined Up2189The Crew24716Eastside Billiards
Money Shotz21411Whackamole22114Eastside Billiards
We're Really Good Tryers21611Noormal People21414Eastside Billiards
Finding Fargo23217Brafety24613Eastside Billiards
Troy's Gone Again25615Got Pickles22915Eastside Billiards
Dirty Old Ball Markers28014Cannon Fodder22616Eastside Billiards
Pocket Speed21113You Hook Me All Night Long23512Eastside Billiards
Week 12 - November 22, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
Noormal People15417Troy's Gone Again2748Eastside Billiards
You Hook Me All Night Long21012All Lined Up22213Eastside Billiards
Whackamole21614Pocket Speed27416Eastside Billiards
Got Pickles23415OVERRATED24915Eastside Billiards
Brafety22612Money Shotz24317Eastside Billiards
BYE00Dirty Old Ball Markers00BYE
Cannon Fodder1899Finding Fargo23716Eastside Billiards
The Crew18512We're Really Good Tryers24613Eastside Billiards
Week 13 - November 29, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
All Lined UpTBDTBDWe're Really Good TryersTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Money ShotzTBDTBDCannon FodderTBDTBDEastside Billiards
OVERRATEDTBDTBDNoormal PeopleTBDTBDEastside Billiards
You Hook Me All Night LongTBDTBDWhackamoleTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Pocket SpeedTBDTBDBrafetyTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Troy's Gone AgainTBDTBDThe CrewTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Dirty Old Ball MarkersTBDTBDGot PicklesTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Finding Fargo00BYE00BYE
Week 14 - December 6, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
WhackamoleTBDTBDAll Lined UpTBDTBDEastside Billiards
BYE00Money Shotz00BYE
Noormal PeopleTBDTBDDirty Old Ball MarkersTBDTBDEastside Billiards
BrafetyTBDTBDYou Hook Me All Night LongTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Cannon FodderTBDTBDPocket SpeedTBDTBDEastside Billiards
We're Really Good TryersTBDTBDTroy's Gone AgainTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Got PicklesTBDTBDFinding FargoTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Week 15 - December 13, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
All Lined UpTBDTBDTroy's Gone AgainTBDTBDEastside Billiards
OVERRATEDTBDTBDWe're Really Good TryersTBDTBDEastside Billiards
You Hook Me All Night LongTBDTBDCannon FodderTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Dirty Old Ball MarkersTBDTBDThe CrewTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Money ShotzTBDTBDGot PicklesTBDTBDEastside Billiards
WhackamoleTBDTBDBrafetyTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Pocket Speed00BYE00BYE
Finding FargoTBDTBDNoormal PeopleTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Week 16 - December 20, 2023
Home Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Away Team 8 PTS 10 PTS Play Location
Finding FargoTBDTBDThe CrewTBDTBDEastside Billiards
You Hook Me All Night Long00BYE00BYE
Money ShotzTBDTBDNoormal PeopleTBDTBDEastside Billiards
WhackamoleTBDTBDCannon FodderTBDTBDEastside Billiards
BrafetyTBDTBDAll Lined UpTBDTBDEastside Billiards
OVERRATEDTBDTBDTroy's Gone AgainTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Pocket SpeedTBDTBDGot PicklesTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Dirty Old Ball MarkersTBDTBDWe're Really Good TryersTBDTBDEastside Billiards
Tournament! - December 30, 2023

Player Appreciation Party

Tournament! - January 6, 2024

Sin City Tournament

Player Name Win % Weeks BR's WZ's TR's WB's CW's PM's
Wright, Dave81.82%110000104
Williams, Rich80.00%100000113
Wahl, Rick77.78%91000113
Mendez, Arnie77.50%80000193
Brummel, John76.67%120010124
Gager, Gary71.11%91000102
Cole, Ed70.91%11000070
Campbell, Bill70.00%10000071
DenBraber, John70.00%8000061
Smith, Brian70.00%8000092
Bowen, Mike68.89%9000051
Kubiak, Rick68.89%9000071
Perry, Becky68.33%120000112
Deboer, Kris67.27%11000060
Ford, Gary67.27%11000060
Campos, Jose66.00%10000072
Roth, Ed62.50%8000071
Grindey, William60.00%10100051
Schmid, Mark60.00%10000050
Williams, Nicole60.00%9000061
Kidder, Rusty60.00%8000070
Busbee, Randy58.18%11000091
Spitler, Brian58.00%10001040
Heller, Dave56.36%11000051
Woern, Allen55.56%9000060
Busbee, Karen54.55%11000050
Mulder, Justin54.55%11000060
Van, Kym54.55%110000101
Tobar, Samuel54.17%9000051
Brown, Cindy54.00%100000122
Burch, Troy53.33%12000061
Boot, Jason51.11%9000061
Redder, Jeremiah51.11%9000040
Mulder, Jen50.00%9000060
Tatro, Chuck50.00%8000040
Bosserd, Steve49.09%11000040
Edwards, Richard48.89%9000071
Gajewski, Mark48.15%11000030
Calvaruso, Tomi47.50%8000070
Calvaruso, John46.94%10000060
Hamlin, Scot46.00%10000030
Hattendorf, Steve46.00%10000070
Jansma, Don45.00%8000051
Woern, Cathy45.00%8000030
Gajewski, Michael44.07%12000040
Holwerda, Matt44.00%10000030
Slane, Brian42.31%11000030
Kubiak, Megan42.00%10000040
Jasulaitis, James38.18%11000040
Pease, Ron37.78%9000030
DenBraber, Michael37.29%12000050
Arquette , Doyle36.00%10000020
Vanderwall, Aaron35.56%9000050
Grindey, Kristie35.00%12000030
Vandenberg, Michelle32.50%8000020
Waldron, Larry32.50%8000040
Lourim, Chris32.00%10000020
Liabenow, Tonya31.67%12000040
Heading, Melissa30.00%10000010
Belsito, Mike28.00%10000020
Clark, Theresa26.67%12000050
Gager, Kim25.00%8000020
Jasulaitis, Janelle20.00%10000020
Tatro, Eric17.50%8000020
Lourim, Lisa15.00%8000010
Player Name Win % Weeks BR's WZ's TR's WB's CW's PM's
DeLeon, Robert100.00%1000051
Kumagai, Janice100.00%1000051
Nguyen, Huu90.00%2000061
Myers, Troy85.00%4000052
Jansens, Kyle80.00%3000091
Brickey, Randy80.00%2000051
Briggs, Cal80.00%1000020
Lopez, Josh76.00%50000102
Ferguson, Ty72.73%7000062
Brown, Pat68.00%5100071
Champion, Kevin60.00%2000030
Hunt, Cory60.00%2000030
Messina, Anthony60.00%2000030
Bosserd, Lindsey60.00%1000030
Harold, Levi60.00%1000020
Kovalick, Steve60.00%1000020
Priedits, Jon60.00%1000020
Woodhull, Hunter60.00%1000020
Ragster, John57.14%7000061
Pelayo, Edwin56.67%6000030
Tripp, Lori56.00%5000050
Josipovich, Steven54.29%7000051
Lundquist, Joshua50.00%6000051
Arnold, Tim50.00%4000030
Burgess, Kenny50.00%2000030
Jakubczak, Dan50.00%1000010
Baker, Wayne48.57%7000030
McCune, Mark48.57%7000040
Black, Tamara48.57%6000041
Chertos, James48.00%5000050
Mendez, Heather48.00%5000030
Strong, Derek46.67%6000040
Erickson, Randal46.67%3000030
Grinwis, Brandan46.67%3000030
Heuck, Vanessa46.67%3000020
Geldersma, Kyle45.71%7000050
McBride, Jon45.00%4000030
Detok, Glenn42.86%7000081
Garrett, Nathan40.00%7000040
Vongsiprasom, Lisa40.00%7000020
Chase, Shelly40.00%4000020
Hunt, Jim40.00%2000010
Liabenow, Milo40.00%2000020
Ritzenhein, Renee40.00%2000020
Davis, Lance40.00%1000010
Debri, Bob40.00%1000020
Holt, Bill40.00%1000020
Fyan, Adam36.00%5000030
Lotterman, Lisa33.33%6000020
Champion, Julie31.43%7000030
Ford, Cynthia30.00%4000030
Maes, Paul30.00%4000020
Wilson, Tim30.00%2000010
Lee, Zach26.67%3000030
Baker, Missy25.00%4000020
Chittenden, Peter22.86%7000020
Young, Grant20.00%2000010
Branham, Donovan20.00%1000010
Pease, Velvet16.67%6000010
Belsito, Paul0.00%1000000
Betten, Rod0.00%1000000
Rhodes, Craig0.00%1000000
Player Name Win % Weeks BR's WZ's TR's WB's CW's PM's
Bowen, Mike80.00%9000093
Edwards, Richard75.56%90000101
Mendez, Arnie72.50%80000122
Brummel, John71.67%120000113
Gager, Gary67.50%8000092
Williams, Rich66.67%9000050
DenBraber, John62.50%8100061
Arquette , Doyle62.22%9000082
Campbell, Bill62.22%9000050
Roth, Ed61.82%11000051
Campos, Jose60.00%10000061
Slane, Brian60.00%10000063
Ford, Gary60.00%9000040
Grindey, William60.00%9100051
Perry, Becky58.18%11000040
Deboer, Kris58.00%10000071
Belsito, Mike57.78%9000030
Hattendorf, Steve57.78%9000040
Strong, Derek57.78%9000060
Williams, Nicole57.78%9000060
Baker, Wayne57.50%8000060
Redder, Jeremiah57.50%8000050
Bosserd, Steve56.36%11000062
Liabenow, Tonya56.36%11000071
Cole, Ed56.00%10000051
Burch, Troy54.55%11000091
Gajewski, Michael54.55%11000040
Busbee, Karen53.33%12000071
Brown, Cindy53.33%9000070
Heller, Dave52.73%11000091
Boot, Jason52.50%8000040
Kubiak, Rick52.00%10000040
Wright, Dave50.00%10000070
Woern, Allen50.00%8000040
Clark, Theresa49.09%11000081
Schmid, Mark48.89%9000040
Grindey, Kristie47.27%11000060
Hamlin, Scot46.67%9000040
Ferguson, Ty44.74%8000060
Calvaruso, John44.44%9000040
Mulder, Justin44.00%10000051
Kubiak, Megan42.50%8000040
Van, Kym41.82%11000050
Waldron, Larry40.00%8000051
Gajewski, Mark39.62%11000060
Jasulaitis, James38.00%10000040
Tobar, Samuel38.00%9000040
Spitler, Brian37.78%9000030
Busbee, Randy36.36%11000030
Lourim, Chris35.56%9000030
Jasulaitis, Janelle35.00%8000020
Vanderwall, Aaron35.00%8000030
DenBraber, Michael34.00%10000051
Lourim, Lisa34.00%10000040
Woern, Cathy30.00%8000040
Tatro, Eric28.89%9000020
Player Name Win % Weeks BR's WZ's TR's WB's CW's PM's
Myers, Troy80.00%3000061
Brickey, Randy80.00%2000060
Jakubczak, Dan80.00%2000061
Bosserd, Lindsey80.00%1000030
Priedits, Jon80.00%1000020
Tripp, Lori72.00%5000060
Wahl, Rick70.00%6000061
Champion, Kevin70.00%2000071
Nguyen, Huu70.00%2000050
Brown, Pat68.57%7000050
Garrett, Nathan64.71%7000070
Lopez, Josh64.00%5000051
Josipovich, Steven63.33%6000060
Calvaruso, Tomi60.00%7000040
Smith, Brian60.00%7000060
Messina, Anthony60.00%2000020
Briggs, Cal60.00%1000010
Debri, Bob60.00%1000020
Harold, Levi60.00%1000020
Holt, Bill60.00%1000020
Kovalick, Steve60.00%1000020
Kumagai, Janice60.00%1000020
Detok, Glenn56.67%6000040
Geldersma, Kyle54.29%7000040
Jansma, Don54.29%7000030
Jansens, Kyle53.33%3000040
Kidder, Rusty51.43%7000040
Pelayo, Edwin50.00%6000030
Ragster, John50.00%6000051
Burgess, Kenny50.00%4000040
Chertos, James50.00%4000071
Heuck, Vanessa50.00%2000030
Liabenow, Milo50.00%2000020
Tatro, Chuck48.57%7000030
Mendez, Heather46.67%6000050
McBride, Jon46.67%3000030
Chase, Shelly44.00%5000020
Lundquist, Joshua43.33%6000030
Heading, Melissa42.86%7000040
Grinwis, Brandan41.67%3000020
Vandenberg, Michelle40.00%7000020
Champion, Julie40.00%6000030
Vongsiprasom, Lisa40.00%6000030
Arnold, Tim40.00%4000020
Lee, Zach40.00%3000030
Erickson, Randal40.00%2000030
DeLeon, Robert40.00%1000010
Hunt, Jim40.00%1000020
Rhodes, Craig40.00%1000010
Mulder, Jen37.50%7000030
Holwerda, Matt35.00%4000010
McCune, Mark33.33%6000040
Baker, Missy33.33%3000020
Lotterman, Lisa32.00%5000020
Pease, Velvet32.00%5000030
Fyan, Adam31.43%7000020
Gager, Kim31.43%7000020
Black, Tamara31.43%6000020
Chittenden, Peter30.00%6000020
Maes, Paul28.00%5000020
Pease, Ron24.00%5000020
Ford, Cynthia20.00%4000020
Ritzenhein, Renee20.00%2000010
Branham, Donovan20.00%1000010
Hunt, Cory20.00%1000010
Wilson, Tim20.00%1000010
Woodhull, Hunter20.00%1000010
Betten, Rod10.00%2000010
Young, Grant10.00%2000010
Belsito, Paul0.00%1000000