Travel Fund


The Travel Fund is a designated allocation of money that is used solely for paying lodging and entry fees to the Nationals level tournament for league players.

This fund is available solely to players of the league, and is not used for any league operator, or to pay for any other expenses of the league. It is used only to make sure our players get to go to Nationals.

Where The Money Comes From

Each week, when you pay your match dues, $1 per match is deducted from these dues and allocated to this fund. So, if your match dues are $7, $6 goes towards the league fees (much of which is paid back out for end of session prizes and appreciation tournament funds), and $1 is added to the Travel Fund.

History Of The Fund

This fund has been in place for many years now. Using this fund, we have sent dozens of players to the National Level Tournaments, and paid out over $25,000 in entry fees and lodging fees for those players.

Current Totals

In the adjoining blocks, you will find the current running totals of the amount of money in each fund.

For More Information

For more information about this fund, please contact a league operator on the Contact Us page. You can access that page by clicking the button below.

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