Thursday Teams – Battle Creek

8 Ball Rotation

Winter 2024

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Team NameWeeksPoints
No Respect164199
Weakest Link163907
Old Dogs163797
Skin & Bones163754
Midnight Riders163747
The Sweater Knitters163711
Champs B's163680
Accidental Defense163658
Fake It 'til You Break It163644
Miss Q & The Bad Breaks163567

Next Scheduled Matches

Tournament! - January 11, 2025

Sin City Tournament

Weekly Schedule and Scores

Week 1 - January 11, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
Weakest Link207Seriously!?228Saint's Again
Skin & Bones245The Sweater Knitters225Bowlero Lanes
Fake It 'til You Break It208Champs B's258Ice Breakers
Accidental Defense237Midnight Riders188Bowlero Lanes
Miss Q & The Bad Breaks235No Respect275The Beamery
Criminals262Old Dogs248Saint's Again
Week 2 - January 18, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
Criminals225Champs B's210Saint's Again
Fake It 'til You Break It253Miss Q & The Bad Breaks257Ice Breakers
Seriously!?249Midnight Riders216Bowlero Lanes
Weakest Link198No Respect242Saint's Again
The Sweater Knitters260Accidental Defense250Fraternal Order of Eagles
Skin & Bones230Old Dogs238Bowlero Lanes
Week 3 - January 25, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
Fake It 'til You Break It228Seriously!?282Ice Breakers
Old Dogs196The Sweater Knitters236Bowlero Lanes
Miss Q & The Bad Breaks219Weakest Link275The Beamery
Champs B's223Midnight Riders225Saint's Again
Skin & Bones248No Respect242Bowlero Lanes
Criminals246Accidental Defense200Saint's Again
Week 4 - February 1, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
Champs B's215Seriously!?235Saint's Again
Miss Q & The Bad Breaks211Accidental Defense233The Beamery
Old Dogs221Weakest Link213Bowlero Lanes
The Sweater Knitters219Midnight Riders240Fraternal Order of Eagles
No Respect303Criminals207The Villiage Bar
Skin & Bones274Fake It 'til You Break It236Bowlero Lanes
Week 5 - February 8, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
The Sweater Knitters201Champs B's292Fraternal Order of Eagles
Midnight Riders266Miss Q & The Bad Breaks188Saint's Again
Seriously!?240Criminals253Bowlero Lanes
Weakest Link268Fake It 'til You Break It242Saint's Again
Accidental Defense198Skin & Bones233Bowlero Lanes
No Respect243Old Dogs221The Villiage Bar
Week 6 - February 15, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
Seriously!?273Miss Q & The Bad Breaks190Bowlero Lanes
Champs B's235Weakest Link275Saint's Again
Old Dogs226Midnight Riders236Bowlero Lanes
The Sweater Knitters211No Respect259Fraternal Order of Eagles
Criminals216Skin & Bones233Saint's Again
Fake It 'til You Break It227Accidental Defense250Ice Breakers
Week 7 - February 22, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
The Sweater Knitters224Seriously!?241Fraternal Order of Eagles
Skin & Bones240Champs B's198Bowlero Lanes
Criminals223Miss Q & The Bad Breaks209Saint's Again
Weakest Link270Midnight Riders219Saint's Again
Fake It 'til You Break It218No Respect292Ice Breakers
Accidental Defense234Old Dogs215Bowlero Lanes
Week 8 - February 29, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
Midnight Riders174Seriously!?275Saint's Again
Accidental Defense266The Sweater Knitters204Bowlero Lanes
No Respect239Weakest Link201The Villiage Bar
Champs B's185Criminals264Saint's Again
Old Dogs225Skin & Bones209Bowlero Lanes
Miss Q & The Bad Breaks249Fake It 'til You Break It260The Beamery
Week 9 - March 7, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
Criminals226The Sweater Knitters251Saint's Again
Miss Q & The Bad Breaks219Champs B's246The Beamery
Accidental Defense251Weakest Link259Bowlero Lanes
No Respect248Seriously!?197The Villiage Bar
Midnight Riders215Skin & Bones215Saint's Again
Old Dogs267Fake It 'til You Break It243Bowlero Lanes
Week 10 - March 14, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
Weakest Link231The Sweater Knitters227Saint's Again
Accidental Defense214Champs B's211Bowlero Lanes
Fake It 'til You Break It221Criminals245Ice Breakers
Midnight Riders236No Respect273Saint's Again
Miss Q & The Bad Breaks209Skin & Bones232The Beamery
Seriously!?206Old Dogs230Bowlero Lanes
Week 11 - March 21, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
No Respect273Miss Q & The Bad Breaks237The Villiage Bar
Seriously!?255Weakest Link229Bowlero Lanes
Old Dogs266Criminals238Bowlero Lanes
Champs B's234Fake It 'til You Break It246Saint's Again
The Sweater Knitters230Skin & Bones236Fraternal Order of Eagles
Midnight Riders256Accidental Defense203Saint's Again
Week 12 - March 28, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
Miss Q & The Bad Breaks239Seriously!?267The Beamery
No Respect234The Sweater Knitters236The Villiage Bar
Weakest Link235Champs B's275Saint's Again
Skin & Bones228Criminals236Bowlero Lanes
Midnight Riders242Old Dogs202Saint's Again
Accidental Defense250Fake It 'til You Break It252Bowlero Lanes
Week 13 - April 4, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
No Respect292Champs B's218The Villiage Bar
Old Dogs244Miss Q & The Bad Breaks220Bowlero Lanes
Midnight Riders237Criminals228Saint's Again
The Sweater Knitters306Fake It 'til You Break It204Fraternal Order of Eagles
Weakest Link238Skin & Bones258Saint's Again
Seriously!?256Accidental Defense180Bowlero Lanes
Week 14 - April 11, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
Seriously!?202The Sweater Knitters235Bowlero Lanes
Midnight Riders259Weakest Link229Saint's Again
Miss Q & The Bad Breaks207Criminals255The Beamery
No Respect320Fake It 'til You Break It190The Villiage Bar
Champs B's207Skin & Bones245Saint's Again
Old Dogs266Accidental Defense226Bowlero Lanes
Week 15 - April 25, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
Criminals264Seriously!?229Saint's Again
Champs B's236The Sweater Knitters193Saint's Again
Fake It 'til You Break It214Weakest Link296Ice Breakers
Miss Q & The Bad Breaks224Midnight Riders266The Beamery
Old Dogs268No Respect199Bowlero Lanes
Skin & Bones213Accidental Defense221Bowlero Lanes
Week 16 - May 2, 2024
Home Team 8 PTS Away Team 8 PTS Location
Skin & Bones215Seriously!?231Bowlero Lanes
Miss Q & The Bad Breaks254The Sweater Knitters253The Beamery
Old Dogs264Champs B's237Bowlero Lanes
Criminals227Weakest Link283Saint's Again
Fake It 'til You Break It202Midnight Riders272Ice Breakers
No Respect265Accidental Defense245The Villiage Bar
Player Appreciation Party - May 18, 2024

Player Appreciation Party

Sin City Shootout - January 11, 2025

Sin City Tournament

Player Name Win % Weeks BR's WZ's TR's WB's CW's PM's
Rogers, Mike85.00%121020176
Lambert, Cody80.00%154050105
Moore, Denny80.00%150010116
Ballard, Roger78.67%150010136
Thayer, Matt73.33%120020132
Fraley, Joe73.33%100000113
Blankenship, John71.25%160020113
McGuffey, Mark69.23%132010101
Eberhard, Claude68.00%150000102
McCleary, Leslie67.06%16000091
Kipp, Melissa66.67%150000122
Norton0White, Sharon66.67%12000092
Floro, Tony66.15%13000081
Huffman, Greg66.15%13002060
Horvat, Daniel65.00%8000060
Kruse, Stacy64.52%12011082
McKinney, Scott64.29%131000124
McDonald, Peter62.86%14002072
Vanhyfte, Storm62.50%8000071
Hattendorf, Steve61.43%14201061
Wilkey , Mel60.00%16000061
Quigg, Terry60.00%15000051
Fitzgerald, Jim60.00%12000051
Kyger, Jack60.00%11000082
Trowbridge, Lou60.00%8000051
Seaman, Tina58.75%16001091
Hueckel, Don58.57%14100092
Brown, Jason57.50%16304071
Fitzgerald, Andrea57.50%16001073
Davis, Nate57.50%8000060
Bowden, Bob53.33%121000101
Capman, Paxton52.73%11000040
Seume, BJ (Barry)52.50%8000040
Deling, Scott52.00%15100082
Gibbs, Eric50.91%11000050
Worthington, Matt50.00%14000050
Sulak, Michael50.00%10000040
Case, Andy49.33%15000071
Goshorn, Frank49.33%15000040
Bays, Joey48.44%13100050
Situ, Joseph48.33%12000040
Kyger , Chad47.69%13010050
Mckinney, Heather45.71%14000040
Sofia, Michael45.33%15000051
Gates, Matthew42.22%9000040
Bates, Penny41.43%14000050
Bates, Jerry40.00%9001030
Fuller , Hugh38.46%13000020
Doerr, Cindi37.78%9001050
Lewis, April37.78%9000030
Sofia, Malynda36.67%12000030
Dubois, Joseph35.00%8000020
Heller, Rock34.29%14000030
Gresley, Scott33.33%15000030
Simbulan, Ray31.25%16000061
Morris, Dianne (Dee)30.00%8000030
Lagenour, Christopher (Chris)27.14%14000040
Wilk Floro, Kellie25.45%11000020
Newburn, Linda (Lyn)25.33%15000020
Loveless, Toni25.00%12000030
Wadley, Christy25.00%12000040
Goshorn , Krenda23.75%16000030
Case, Carrie20.00%8000030
O'Neill, Lori18.57%14000020
Axtell, Derek18.33%12000020
Kyger, Tina18.00%10000010
Williams, Steward (Swoop)16.00%15000020
Player Name Win % Weeks BR's WZ's TR's WB's CW's PM's
Cross, James82.86%70000103
Burch, Troy80.00%1000030
Capman, Mike73.33%3000051
Beam, James (Jim)60.00%1000030
Clark, Theresa60.00%1000030
Hoffman, Kevin53.33%6000030
Bays, Alex52.00%5000050
Bays, Jarrod52.00%5000040
Barnes, April50.00%5000040
Egan, Mike50.00%2000030
Stemler, Cody50.00%2000020
Sargent, Chris48.57%7000030
Hueckel, Robert46.67%3000030
Heading, Melissa40.00%7000040
Bays, Roger40.00%6000060
Weed, Tamara (Tammi)40.00%3000020
Harrington, Virginia40.00%2000020
Bennett, Greg40.00%1000010
Sparks, Eric40.00%1000010
Kasdorf, Vaughn (Flip)36.00%5000060
Capman, Jessica33.33%6000020
Gregory, Tim30.00%2000030
Teegarden, Alexis22.86%7000020
Schotus , Ryan20.00%1000010
Sweet0Bates, Nancy (Kitty)13.33%3000010
Dawson, Pam6.67%3000010
Dubois, Dean0.00%1000000
Smith, Blake0.00%1000000
We do not have historical data, or data was not available for this section for the session you are viewing.